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Corona Virus & CBD

CORONA VIRUS (Covid-19) Can CBD Cure Corona? The entire world is panicking! We are all looking for answers to prevent getting the Coronavirus. And, if we do get it, how do we cure it? Our clients are contacting us to find out whether Cannabis/ CBD Oil will prevent or...

Bipolar Disorder & CBD

CBD and Bipolar Disorder Treating Bipolar/mood/depressive with CBD CBD Oil For Bipolar Disorder Like many other mental health conditions, bipolar disorder can be a serious yet invisible ailment, meaning it often gets overlooked and misunderstood. However, the...

CBD and Immune System

How Does CBD Affect the Immune System? Imune deficiency & CBD What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)? CBD is a chemical compound found to have health effects on the human body without being psychoactive, and is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Our body even produces...

CBD and Alzheimer’s

How can CBD cure Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s and CBD WHAT IS ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE? Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It’s characterized by memory loss,...

CBD for Pain Relief

Using CBD Oil for Pain Management: Does It Work? CBD for chronic pain relief The use of cannabis for pain relief dates back to ancient China.   It’s thought that CBD oil might help ease chronic pain in part by reducing inflammation. … Unlike THC,...

CBD and Seizures?

Does cannabis help seizures? CBD and Epilepsy What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. Epilepsy means the same thing as “seizure disorders.” Epilepsy is characterized by unpredictable...
Potency Guidelines
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In general CBD oils distillate on 40%-50% CBD, therefore 1ml. will be 400-500mg. of CBD.



Milagro CBD oil labels are calculated after 50% CBD distillate.

This why a 5% (500mg. CBD) 10ml. has to be noted as 1ml. hemp oil extract.



5% (500mg. CBD) 10ml.

Serving size: 1 drop = 2.08mg.

9ml. Organic Hemp seed oil 1ml. Hemp oil extract



10% (1000mg.CBD) 10ml.

Serving size: 1 drop = 4.16mg.

8ml. Organic Hemp seed oil 2ml. Hemp oil extract



30% (2000mg.CBD) 10ml.

Serving size: 1 drop = 8.32mg.

6ml. Organic Hemp seed oil 4ml. Hemp oil extract



1% (100mg.CBD) 10ml.

Serving size: 1 drop = 0.42mg.

9.8ml. Organic Hemp seed oil 0.2ml. Hemp oil extract



3% (300mg.CBD) 10ml.

Serving size: 1 drop = 1.25mg.

9.4ml. Organic Hemp seed oil 0.6ml. Hemp oil extract